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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Lots of Ideas on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to thank all of you for the warm wishes for my Louie. I am glad to report that he is doing so much better. He is almost at 100%. He still has some meds to take, but the worst is over. 

We have some great features for you this week, I hope you check them out. Please link up your wonderful posts. 

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On to the party!

Monday, May 29, 2023

Happy Memorial Day on You Are the Star

Happy Memorial Day on You Are the Star

I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day. We are having family and friends over for a cookout. 
I have been cooking all weekend. We had family over for lunch yesterday - so that meant lunch food and dessert. 

I made dessert, potato salad, deviled eggs, fruit salad and appetizers for today. I need a rest. At least hubby will be cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. 

Enjoy your day!

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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Memorial Day Ideas on Happiness Is Homemade

Memorial Day Ideas on Happiness Is Homemade

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Welcome to the Happiness is Homemade Link Party 481.  We are excited about another month of sharing, linking, reading, Pinning and inspiration. 

As I have said before,  when my life gets crazy I seek inspiration from all of you. Hoping to get some fun ideas this week with HIH 481, but if you missed HIH480 hop back and see all the fun.

Come dazzle us with what you are making, baking or creating this week. This weekend is the Memorial Day long weekend so let’s celebrate a little patriotic fun shall we.

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Decorating with Flowers on Thursday Favorite Things

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things Party

Thursday Favorite Things. Share NOW. #linkyparty. #TFT #thursdaayfavoritethings #eclecticredbarn

Happy Thursday friends.  It has been a little crazy here. My Louie, our dachshund, is not feeling well and has spent yesterday at the vets and another day today. They have been giving him IVs and meds. We are hoping that by Thursday evening he will be on his way to recovery. I pray.

It is so hard when they are in pain and you can't help them. 

I also want to apologize for not returning comments. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

Many of my features come from your comments. Don't forget to leave our Linkup Number or Post Title so I can find you and you might become one of my features for next week. 

Cork Patriotic Tree Garland

Cork Patriotic Tree Garland

I saw some painted corks on Etsy and thought this would be a great way to decorate my tree on the lanai. I had lots of corks, so it was the perfect thing. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

How to make this garland. I gathered up my corks. I used all "natural" ones. The ones that are waxy don't work well. I taped off one end and painted it blue. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

Once the paint was dry, I peeled off the blue painters tape.  For the most part it was good. I would have to do some touch ups.

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

Next, I taped off the other end so I could paint it red. Once the red paint dried, I removed the painters tape. That's when I realized that it was not the best idea to tape over some of the blue. Either wait longer for it to dry, I'm not good at that, or paint them by hand - my choice. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

So I got out a small paint brush and just touched up the blue. I found it worked really well, just to hand paint it. When I made a few more corks, that's what I did. These were much better. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

Next, I used a drill bit to make a hole through the cork. I placed them down on my work bench and drilled almost all the way through. Then, using a leather glove, I held the cork and drilled the rest of the way. At the beginning, I held it and drilled the whole thing. I found it went a little straighter if I drilled on the bench first. Either way works once they are hung. 

Next, I got a thin piece of wire and made a hook on one end. I looped a piece of twine over it and secured it. I used this to go through the cork and I could pull the twine through it as well. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

Originally, I was going to paint the corks red, white and blue. the centers were to be white, but after painting the red and blue ends, I liked it that way and didn't add the white. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

I placed the corks around 5 1/2 apart. I did move some so they fit nicely where I wanted them. I used around 40 corks for this garland. This tree stays out on the lanai all year. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

These corks will stay until after labor day. I even have lights on this tree. You can see that it is actually in a Christmas tree stand. 

Cork patriotic Tree Garland. Share NOW. #garland #eclecticredbarn #corks #patriotic #decor

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