FFf Eclectic Red Barn: House Pictures

House Pictures

My Bedroom
Combined new furniture with a vintage window.
vintage window decor, sleigh bed, old and new decor
The Red Room
(At least that's what our guests call it)
Antique bed frame and framed quilt made by my grandfather. 
vintage bed frame, antique drapes, vintage quilt pillow, red matlesse spread
The Green Room
Mounted an antique architectural piece from an old church over the window.
architectural piece from church, window cover, bedroom covering
Eat-in Kitchen
Modified some vintage drapes to cover the four windows.
(Note the stained glass windows I mounted.)
antique drapes, kitchen drapes, stained glass windows
Living Room
Have a mixture of furniture pieces mixed with items from various places that we have traveled.
(Yes, I reupholstered the couch!)
slipcovered couch, eclectic living room, stained glass lamp shade

Deck Sitting Area
                          Deck Sitting Area with Blue Sofa, Chandler, and a Yellow Side Table

More pictures of the house to come, check back later.


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