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Friday, June 8, 2018

Beauty Foods for Healthy and Youthful Looking Skin

Keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking is something I focus on. And eating right is key to achieving this goal.

I posted about some other super foods for healthy skin here but today I want to share these three foods that will aid in keeping your skin looking awesome.

Superfood #1: Figs

The sweetest item on this list, figs are not only delicious — they have major beauty benefits, too.

Why? Because they’re shown in animal studies to protect your liver from damage.

Now, that may not sound beauty-related…

But your liver is actually one of your most important “look younger” organs.

You see, your liver is like a Brita filter for your blood.

It helps remove toxins and other “junk” that invades your body… so they never reach your cells (including your skin cells).

So if you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful… it’s essential to keep your LIVER going strong.

Figs are a one-way ticket to youthful skin and it supports your healthy liver.

Try them on their own, paired with a mild cheese (like goat), or blended into a morning smoothie for a touch of sweetness. It’s absolutely delicious!

Superfood #2: Cloves

Cloves aren’t just a warm, delicious spice... They’re the GOLD of the anti-aging community.

That’s because cloves are outrageously high in polyphenols — compounds that help rescue your cells from environmental damage.

In fact, cloves are about 1,500x higher in polyphenols per gram than red wine!

Now, why’s that important for your skin?   Think of it this way —

When you take on too much environmental damage (like sun exposure), it creates tiny cell-damaging “firestorms” in your body known as free radicals.

But polyphenols are like the firefighters that come and put out the flames.

Without those nasty free radicals floating around, all the cells have a chance to heal and regenerate… including your skin cells.

And cloves are the STRONGEST “firefighters” you’ll ever meet!

So definitely make a point of adding a little extra clove to your coffee, tea, or baked goods.

NOTE: In excessive doses, cloves can actually have a toxic effect on the body. So keep it to a dash here and there. (These polyphenols are plenty powerful WITHOUT going overboard!)

Superfood #3: Capers

Yes, those salty little green things in your pasta… are actually skin-perfecting powerhouses.

(So what are capers? There’s a plant called capparis spinosa. When the plant creates a bud -- this starts every year in the spring -- this bud is going to be a flower. However, if you pick the bud before it becomes a flower, that’s a caper.)

Capparis spinosa plant

That’s because they’re absolutely packed with a skin-saving bioflavonoid called Rutin.

Rutin is related to quercetin — a natural compound that helps regulate the immune system.

Specifically, it helps stop your immune system from going into OVERDRIVE.

For your skin, that means cells don’t get swollen, red, or “agitated” as easily.

So if you’ve got sensitive skin, toss some capers into your pasta, sandwich, on a bagel…

ANYWHERE you want a salty little pop.   You (and your skin) will love it.

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  1. I can do two. Not too fond of capers. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Clearissa,
      I only seem to eat capers when I make Chicken Piccata. I have to try other ways to have them.
      Love food that makes my skin healthy. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. I love Figs!!! I can't wait for my local supermarket to get them this Summer!! =)

    Have a great day! Melanie | Toots + Dill Blog

    1. Melanie,
      We love figs too and have a fig tree. We are lucky.
      Have a great day.

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    yyou makee blogging look easy. The ovrrall look of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!


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