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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Something Good from a Broken Ladder

Something Good from a Broken Ladder

After Christmas, we were at my daughter's helping to take down her Christmas lights. Hubby was up on the roof, getting lights and blowing off leaves. When he came down I was holding the wooden ladder for him. As he placed his foot on one of the rungs, it broke and the ladder smacked me in the face but I held on so he would fall. It was a 10 ft wooden ladder. 

He said, I will cut it up and throw it out. I had other ideas. I made him cut off the top, above the broken rung part, for me.  I knew I wanted to fix it up and put my flowers on it.

Ladder Plant Stand. Share NOW. #oldladder #plantstand #gardening #eclecticredbarn

It didn't start out like this, it was rather tattered especially after the break.  it had been sitting outside for awhile at my daughters. 

Ladder Plant Stand. Share NOW. #oldladder #plantstand #gardening #eclecticredbarn

I was originally going to leave it in its original state. However, I wanted to add boards so I could set my planters on it. I used boards from a pallet. It did not look good with a worn ladder and newish pallet boards.  

My friend gave me some stain when she moved and there was a Red Mahogany that was full. The others were not and I knew I would need lots of stain. So that is what I used. It is darker than I wanted but the stain was free and with all of the sun here, it will fade. 

Ladder Plant Stand. Share NOW. #oldladder #plantstand #gardening #eclecticredbarn

Hubby had to add a board from front to back on the bottom so we could then lay boards down and have something to nail to. 

On the second shelf, we nailed them from front to back since we could use the existing step and back rung. 

For the top shelf, this is where it folder out so you could place your paint tray. Since this piece folded down, we nailed the sides of it to the ladder and added another board. 

I added a coat of Thompsons Water Seal to the entire ladder. 

Now it was ready for plants. 
Ladder Plant Stand. Share NOW. #oldladder #plantstand #gardening #eclecticredbarn

I have lots of spider plants. You can't believe how many I have given away and even thrown away. 

Ladder Plant Stand. Share NOW. #oldladder #plantstand #gardening #eclecticredbarn

I was able to get many of my plants off the ground. I am thrilled with it.

When my daughter saw it, she said "is that my ladder"? I said yes. she wanted it back lol!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garden by the Barn

I have been trying to get my gardens ready for summer. I always seem to be adding mulch when the weather is hot. We are unseasonably warm here today - 95. Quite hot for April. I got the mulch in a few weeks ago, before I got sick and I didn't get to finished decorating. So today, while my husband is in Italy, I decided to finish them. 
Old car jack

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bed Pan Planter

I wasn't on my blog a lot this past week since my daughter was here from California. Now that she has left, we headed out to the yard. There is so much yard work to do. We only have an acre, but there is lots of vegetation, trees, bushes, flowers and nothing stops growing here. We spent some time pruning, cutting and raking. 

I had a chance to work in my gardens that really needed it. I bought this bed pan awhile back - previously posted here.
Bed pan flower container

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recycled Chair as Flower Pot

I have this thing for chairs, well lots of things actually, but really chairs. I guess I feel the need to rescue them sometimes. This was the case with the well worn, or as my husband says, "garbage" chairs. I was taking the dogs for a ride on the golf cart, their favorite thing to do, and spotted these chairs on top of a pile of other junk and tree trimmings. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Old wicker chair rescued from garbage
They weren't in bad shape except for the fact that the seat was gone. Does that count?

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