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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bed Pan Planter

I wasn't on my blog a lot this past week since my daughter was here from California. Now that she has left, we headed out to the yard. There is so much yard work to do. We only have an acre, but there is lots of vegetation, trees, bushes, flowers and nothing stops growing here. We spent some time pruning, cutting and raking. 

I had a chance to work in my gardens that really needed it. I bought this bed pan awhile back - previously posted here.
Bed pan flower container

I wanted it to go in my garden. I have been trying to grow plants from cuttings and one of those plants was these Kalanchoes. 

I knew with all the rain we have here that the bed pan would need holes or the plants would drown. This was an easy process. I put a metal drill bit on my drill and began. After a few minutes, I had my holes.
Porcelain bed pan
I guess its days as a bed pan are over, since it now leaks!
Bed pan with holes
My Kalanchoe grows easily in and around some coral rocks, so I hoped that this bed pan planter would be a great place for them too. Not sure if it will be deep enough as they mature.
Bed pan upcycled planter
They are still rather small but seem to be doing well. It makes a nice addition to one of my flower gardens near the barn. 
Bed pan upcycled planter
I love it there. I still have some other containers that I would like to add to this garden. For now it is a start. The great thing about flower gardens is that you can keep adding to them, or even take plants away. For now, I am adding. 

More garden ideas are coming! 

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