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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garden by the Barn

I have been trying to get my gardens ready for summer. I always seem to be adding mulch when the weather is hot. We are unseasonably warm here today - 95. Quite hot for April. I got the mulch in a few weeks ago, before I got sick and I didn't get to finished decorating. So today, while my husband is in Italy, I decided to finish them. 
Old car jack

The old car jack came from my neighbor. He was having a garage sale and had lots of great boat parts. My husband said, there is nothing here for a $1 so you are out of luck". He had several old jacks and I asked how much for this one and he said,"for you $1". He made my day and of course I had to tease my husband about my $1 find. 
Rusty garden items
The big wheel came from my son's property last summer. All the wooden spokes are gone but it did have this metal part that was still connected so I hung my barbed wire star from it.
Barbed wire star
My grand son and I collected lots of barbed wire on the property. I did a single layer of barbed wire for this one, but all of the others I made, I used two layers. I may take this apart and add another layer someday.
Barn garden
I found the wheel in my other neighbor's junk pile (on the left) and the old cast iron lid at a garage sale. The funnel came from up north, not sure what it was originally used for but it is a planter now. I found the insulator along the side road. They were replacing telephone poles and there were lots of pieces left on the ground. 

I just love all of my rusty items in the garden. They will just get better with age. 
Decorating the barn gardens
This area is complete except I need to get some flowers for the planter by the window and maybe add some annuals around.
Off to get the side yard done.

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