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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outside Halloween Display

Halloween display, pumpkin spiders, bluish pumpkin
Halloween Display

Although it doesn't feel like Halloween outside (90 degrees) and leaves are not turning here in southern Florida, I still love to decorate for Halloween. I decided to create a small Halloween display out front. I started with a small bale of hay that I purchased at A.C. Moore (miss the days of purchasing a real bale of hay up north).

Next I added a mum that I purchased at Home Depot. I didn't like the container it was in (the typical black plastic type) so I spray painted it using some gold paint that I had on hand.

A bluish colored pumpkin was next. I picked this up this past weekend at Fall in the Field at Renninger's Antiques Center at Mt. Dora, Florida. The pumpkin actually came from Ohio and they had so many unique varieties and colors.

If you haven't read my site, we have a home in Davie, FL and one in Eustis, FL which is about 3 miles from Renninger's. Love to go there and always seem to find something. The link actually has pictures of vendors who participated. It was great!!

Back to my display. While in Eustis, I found a rusted cast iron lid at a garage sale for 50 cents – had to have it. The scarecrow I already had. I clipped some greenery and put it in a container (hard to see) behind the mum.
Halloween Display
First Stages of Halloween display

It needed something else. I had some mini pumpkins that I painted and turned into spiders. First I spray painted them with Rustoleum black gloss paint.  After the paint dried, I glued on eyes and painted a mouth. Then I used black pipe cleaners to form its legs. I glued these to the top of the pumpkin. I placed one on the cast iron lid and one on top of the white/orange pumpkin.
spider from mini pumpkin
Spider from Mini Pumpkin

rustoleum black spray paint
Rustoleum Gloss Black

rusted cast iron lid with pumpkin spider
I placed one of the pumpkin spiders on the cast iron lid.

halloween display with pumpkin spiders
It's beginning to look good! 

I added some webbing and orange lights behind the webbing (you can only see them at night). You can see my metal cat hanger too! It fits right in with the display.

halloween display
Halloween Display with Pumpkin Spiders

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