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Monday, October 1, 2012

Hurricane Candle with Indian Corn

recreated pottery barn candle holder, candle with indian corn, fall centerpiece
Hurricane Candle with Indian Corn

When I received the October issue of Pottery Barn magazine,(I just love Pottery Barn) I began looking through it. I saw these awesome candle holders. They were comprised of a small plain hurricane top and a base vase that was surrounded by small Indian corn.(They have a large version as well) 

I liked the look, but not the price. The medium top hurricane was $39.50, the medium base was $39, and the Indian corn was $19.50 for 6 and they used around two sets of these. I thought, why not recreate one on a smaller budget.

 Here is the one from Pottery Barn:
Pottery Barn CAndle, hurricane aegean hurricanes and vases
Pottery Barn's Aegean Hurricane Candle

For the hurricane top, I went to A.C. Moore to see what they had. I had one that might work, but it seemed too small. They had one I could use for $2.49 and I had a half-off coupon so it was $1.25. Off to a good start! 

For the vase, I found one at home that I could use as the base. Just a note, my base had curved sides, which made it more difficult to attach the corn. I suggest using one that has straight sides - it will make attaching the corn easier.

vase bases, hurricane and bottom vase
Candle Holder Vases

Next I decided to wrap the bottom vase in some fabric. This is not necessary, but I wanted to have some color between the Indian corn. I just sprayed the vase with spray adhesive and wrapped a cut piece of rust and white check fabric around it and tucked part of the fabric inside and over the bottom. 

fabric covered vase, base candle holder
Fabric Covered Vase

Once this was dried, I glued the two vases together. This was probably not necessary since they fit together well, but I thought it would make it more stable. 

two piece vase, hurricane cadle holder
Two Vases Glued Together

Now to find some Indian corn - that was the hard part. Here in my part of Florida, it is not easy to find fall items other than what you can get at A.C. Moore or Michaels or some gourds/pumpkins at the grocery store and Indian corn isn’t something they carry. I went to a garden center and found some there - 3 in a bunch for $2.99. I bought 4 bunches and they through in two that had no tops.

indian corn for candle, candle surranded by indian corn
Indian Corn
 Now, how to attach them to the bottom vase? The best way that I found to do that, after a couple of tries, was to put a rubber band around the vase. Then I added a stalk of Indian corn at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock to separate the band from the glass. Once these were in place, I added the rest of the corn. For this small size, I used 14 small Indian corn stalks.

candle holder with indian corn
Candle with Rubber Band Securing the Indian Corn

I had to trim some of the tops so they were at the right height. I left the rubber band on and made a ribbon out of the fabric I used on the base. I cut a long strip of fabric and tied it over the rubber band to conceal it.  

hurricane candle holder with indian corn wrapped with ribbon
Candle with Ribbon Wrapped Indian Corn

In the top hurricane, I placed a clear glass candle holder with a green candle in it. Next I filled the top hurricane with rose hips all around the glass candle holder, just allowing the candle to show. You can use any candle that fits the size of your vase. I love how it turned out. Much cheaper than the Pottery Barn inspiration – only $14.00 (The biggest expense was the Indian corn.)
hurricane candle holder with indian corn display
Hurricane Candle Holder on Display

Here is a picture of my version of Pottery Barn's hurricane candle holder in my kitchen area.

hurricane candle holder with indian corn
Hurricane Candle displayed on Small Cabinet

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