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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Scale Display

vintage scal and wooden pulleys with potion bottles
Vintage Scale and Wooden Pulleys with Halloween Potion Bottles
The weather is cooling off a little here in southern Florida, highs only around 84 degrees; after being in the 90s it feels great. So I am trying to get all of my Halloween projects completed before I head off to Vermont next week for 10 days. When I get back, Halloween will be in 3 days. So get busy!!

I created this fall display using my husband's scale and my vintage pulley hooks.

 Also displayed are some Halloween potion bottles that I originally saw over at Cottage960. She gave me some great ideas for creating my own bottles. I went to the Etsy seller she recommended and purchased some labels.  The labels were great and printed nicely. She also has a blog with great ideas that you should check out. I also checked out the altered labels from Johnny at Love Manor. He has some great Halloween labels that he generously shares through his Flickr stream, you can find them here.

 I had many types of bottles already, but I picked up some additional ones at the dollar store, actually they were a set of salt and pepper shakers. I also found some bottles with stoppers, but I am not sure where I got them.
bottles for creating Halloween Potions

I printed the labels on regular printer paper and then took a used tea bag (still wet) to stain the labels to make them look aged. I tried to take a picture of the tea stained labels, but it was hard to see them. Once they dried, I used sand paper to ruff them up and tear some of the edges. I glued them to the bottles with Elmer's glue.

At the Dollar Tree, I found some skeletons that I took apart to use as bone parts. Some went into a bottle and I used other parts on the outside.  I also found rubber worms that I put into other bottles. I spray painted one of the bottles black and then sanded it when it was dry to make it dull. I decorated them in various ways as you can see below.
Halloween potion bottles
Halloween Potion Bottles

For the rest of the arrangement, I used my husband’s scale to hold small pumpkins and added some acorns and fall berries at the base. 
vintage scale with pumpkins and acorns and fall berries
Vintage Scale with Acorns and Fall Berries
left side of the vintage scale, fall arrangement
Left Hand Side of the Vintage Scale
Right Hand side of vintage scale, fall arrangement
Right Hand Side of the Vintage Scale
Halloween Potion Bottles with Wooden Pulleys
Halloween Potion Bottles with Wooden Pulleys

The bottles were added and I already had the wooden pulleys stacked. The completed arrangement. Hope you enjoy it!
Fall Arrangement with vintage scale, wooden pulley, Potion Bottles
Vintage Scale and Wooden Pulleys with Halloween Potion Bottles

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my post Bev. I love the look of the wooden pulleys! Great display!


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