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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decorating with Red

I am so pleased to welcome Alice as my guest today.  She will be posting about decorating with red - one of my favorite colors. Maybe you will find some inspiration.

Hello everyone. I am Alice and I am a blogger at Yorkshire Linen. I like to experiment with home decor and interior decorating. Since childhood, I liked doing DIYs and finding new ways to make my home look beautiful. You can contact me here.

Red Cushions: For a Pretty Bedroom
Red is an unusual colour: one of the three primary colours and therefore used widely in décor, art and fashion, but it is not a popular favorite colour. Therefore using red in décor can help your rooms to stand out from the crowd, creating a warm haven for your family and friends – or yourself, should you decide to use it in your bedroom.
Red Cushions: For a pretty bedroom

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