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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Decorating with Red

I am so pleased to welcome Alice as my guest today.  She will be posting about decorating with red - one of my favorite colors. Maybe you will find some inspiration.

Hello everyone. I am Alice and I am a blogger at Yorkshire Linen. I like to experiment with home decor and interior decorating. Since childhood, I liked doing DIYs and finding new ways to make my home look beautiful. You can contact me here.

Red Cushions: For a Pretty Bedroom
Red is an unusual colour: one of the three primary colours and therefore used widely in décor, art and fashion, but it is not a popular favorite colour. Therefore using red in décor can help your rooms to stand out from the crowd, creating a warm haven for your family and friends – or yourself, should you decide to use it in your bedroom.
Red Cushions: For a pretty bedroom

Red All Over
Opting to decorate your room entirely, or even predominantly, in red is a choice that should be made carefully. Red décor can look fantastic, but it is also a colour associated with anger, danger and warning. If you are determined to have a fully red décor scheme you must be prepared to work it and re-work it until you achieve the right balance between joyful colour and shrieking vibrancy. The latter, needless to say, can be wearisome. If you are in doubt about being able to achieve that perfect balance of redness, then perhaps you would do better to go with one of the other options for red décor. Red wallpapers are also a great way to dazzle up the place. The best red wallpapers can be found at Graham & Brown and they are my personal recommendation.
Red all over in the bedroom
Red And Something Else!
It is much easier to use red as one of two or three predominant décor colours. Red and blue is striking and red, black and white works very well too: both of these are ideal for boys’ bedrooms, which is great as décor for boys can be tricky to get just right. For a feminine room, team read with white or with white and pink to create charming layers of colour and depth. If red is a colour that you definitely want to include in your décor, you can begin as soon as possible, investing in red cushions as soon as possible, so as to begin the process!
Red and Something Else

Red in a boys room
Just a Hint of Red cushions
If you are not quite daring enough to splash lots of red around your bedroom, you can still indulge your love for red décor by adding small hints and touches of the lovely colour to the room. Red cushions and throws add an instant pizzazz to even the most restrained décor scheme, and can easily be moved or removed should you so wish. Other touches of red could be picked out in the window frame, door jamb (maybe even the door itself) and the bedstead. Examine your room and try to visualize certain features in red: those that appeal to you can be put into practice ensuring that your love of red can be acted upon without overpowering the rest of the décor. Just yesterday I bought a pretty red cushion from Yorkshire Linen, you can check it out too and add an oomph factor in your home.
Red pillows

Red pillows for decorating Red is indeed the colour of anger and danger, but it is also the colour of love and romance. Be sure to play up the softer, more romantic side of red by choosing appropriate features for your bedroom. Red furniture, with severe lines and large expanses of unrelieved red, can appear harsh and imposing so perhaps opt for red soft furnishings, like red cushions, perhaps featuring roses and hearts (or kissy lips if you have a quirky sense of humor!). The shade of red that you choose can also play a large part in ascertaining the intensity of your new décor scheme too: rich blood-coloured crimson is very dark and brooding, while scarlet is slightly more orange, softer and more cheerful. As a rule of thumb, the more intense and dark the colour, the less of it is needed in order to make an impact on the décor!
Red accents


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