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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Snow Time in Vermont

Snow Time in Vermont

As you may know, I am spending 10 days in Vermont, babysitting my grand kids. Since I didn't get to be here in December (They came to Florida for the Holidays) I didn't get to see snow. Well, that has been taken care of this trip. 

It is a winter wonderland here at their house in Montpelier. They always seem to have more snow on the ground than other parts of town. It was a balmy 25 degrees today but sunny so I decided to send you some winter pictures.

My son has an 80 acre farm. He doesn't do any farming except for a large garden in the summer and lots of animals.

As you drive down the 1/2 mile driveway, it is lined with trees.

At the end, it opens up to their house, that sits up on the hill.

The house has lots of windows so you can see outside from any room.

This picture was taken from the living room (front of the house) looking down toward the pool and pool house. All of the land that you see and those trees belong to them.

Off to the side of the pool (on the right, you can see it in the picture above) is the pond. The water flows under the "road" between the trees on the right and down through their property. In the summer, we like to hike down through the stream.

Off to the left of the pond is a barn for the ponies. They use to have 2 horses, but one died and the other went to another farm.  

They now have these 2 minis. They are so cute. One has defected legs in the back but gets around well. On this day, they got out and were walking down the road when we came home so my grand son had to get out and take them to the barn.

I took this from the bedroom. You can see the barn and  more trees and property.

Looking out the back of the house, is the main barn and the chicken coop.

The barn houses the ponies, rabbits and ducks. Duck eggs are huge but tasty.
We built that chicken coop several years ago and it is still standing. 

Off to the side of the barn is next years stock pile of wood. Each summer, he and my husband cut down trees and then split it. He wanted to get several years worth and now he has. They have a wood burning fireplace upstairs and one downstairs. They go through lots of wood.

Before seeing the rest of their tribe, I took a couple of pictures of the Chickadees outside the window, off the kitchen.

Inside, we have the 2 Mastiffs. Jules is on the left and Buttercup is on the right. Jules is the bigger one.

Buttercup is lying on her bed. She weighs around 167 lbs. Last night we were watching TV downstairs and Buttercup wanted up on the couch with me. I gave in and she practically sat on me. I had the front legs and head. Needless to say, I was warm all night. She doesn't understand, she is not a lap dog.

Jules, on the other hand likes to get up on the couch to nap. She is about 180 lbs. 

Today, they were playing tug of war with one of their toys. It was so funny to watch these massive dogs playing. They are such gentle giants. They follow me around all day and want to be petted.

Now for the cats. They have 4 of them.  It amazes me how well they all get along especially when they bring a new one home. They put it down and off it goes. Now if I did that to my cat, she would try to kill it.

This is Mrs Beasley. She is the oldest - about 7 years.

This is Prince Charming, just relaxing at the top of the cat tree.

This is Cora. Prince Charming and her are brother and sister. They are about 1 1/2. The dogs are wanting to get in from outside.

Here is Prince Charming and Cora, swatting at each other on the cat tree.

Last but not least is Pad Foot. He has extra toes on both of his front paws. He is such a sweet cat. He wants to get the birds outside. 

They redid their kitchen last year. It was a galley kitchen and totally opened it up. It is really nice. 

Well, that's the menagerie here at the farm.  My time here is going so fast. I will hate to leave since it will be months before I see them again. I hope you enjoyed a little tour of the place in Vermont.

I hope you are having a great weekend! 


  1. Loved seeing the property and all the animals! Looks like such a great place for kids to grow up!

    1. Suchot,
      It is really a lovely place and the kids have many toys for the property - quads, dirt bikes, snow shoes, dune buggies. We take hikes and drive the various vehicles around the trails.
      They have a blast.
      Thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. Your son's home is beautiful and I love all the animals! I'll bet the scenery is absolutely gorgeous in the fall!

    1. Ann,
      The fall is always so beautiful because of the Maple trees. It is pretty here in the winter with all of the snow, I just don't like being out in too long. They do have lots of animals. They are all adorable.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. This looks like a gorgeous place. Thanks for linking up at the Happiness is Homemade Link Party. Come back next week as well. Cynthia at Create With Cynthia

    1. Cynthia,
      They have a lovely place and I enjoy going there. it is always so peaceful.
      Have a lovely week.


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