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Monday, February 22, 2016

Tutorial for Making YoYo's

Tutorial for Making a YoYo

You can make YoYo's any size. It depends on what you want it for. These directions are for small ones that I am using on my Candle Cozies.  

Here is the finished YoYo.
finished yo yo
Finished Yo Yo

Let's get started:
I made mine about 2 inches or the size of the bottom of the candle holder.  You can use cardboard to make a pattern or some heavy card stock. Make sure you use the backside of the fabric to draw your circle.

(In this tutorial I am using a 4 inch circle so it is easier to see. )
  Once you have your circle, cut your fabric.
cut circle for yoyo
Cut Circle for YoYo 

You will now need a needle and a long piece of thread that will go all the way around the circle. The color of the thread is not important for this.
Begin on the right side and move in about 1/4 inch from the edge. Weave the thread around the edge of the material.  
  • Shorter stitches create a larger, more open center on your yo yo. 
  • Longer stitches make for a tighter yo yo center.
stitching outside of yo yo
Stitching Outside of Circle of Yo Yo
stitched yo yo circle
Stitched Around Yo Yo Circle
 Once you have gone all the way around, you are ready to begin pulling the thread.
Pulling thread on yo yo
Pulling Thread on Yo Yo
 Gradually pull the thread until it resembles the picture below.
finished yo yo
Finished Yo Yo
The gathered part should be in the center, you my need to adjust this.

With tutorial, you can make any size YoYos. the only difference will be the size of the circle.
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