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Monday, February 8, 2016

Turn It Up Tuesday

Welcome to another week of Turn it Up Tuesday. So glad that you have taken the time to join us and share all of your amazing ideas. Can't wait to see what you have been up to.

Welcome to the 125th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! Thank you for stopping by and linking up with us this week, and every week, as we have some fun linking up and getting to know each other! We had quite an amazing week last week, and it's because of all of you!
We are so happy to have you all join us for another amazing week!
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Turn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, energetic...and having fun! Link up all of your favorite posts (old or new) and meet some awesome bloggers in return! Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, recipes, mommy moments -- anything at all. We want to laugh, be entertained, be inspired, and have a good time! Thanks so much to everyone that joins us each week and makes this link party the best that it could be!


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Welcome the lovely ladies of Turn It Up Tuesday!

(from the top - left to right)
Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Stacey from This Momma's Ramblings | Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise | April from April Noelle | Tina from The Happy Creations | Tiffany from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter | Melissa from The Coupon Chronicles | Kelly from Making-More | Silvie from My Silly Little Gang | Mari from Living in Mommywood | Tenns from Bliss & Faith | Kimberly from Being a Wordsmith | Elaine from Ramblings of a Bad Domestic Goddess | Ginger from Does Your Sister Have Normal Hair | Free from Couponin Diva | Kori from Just Another Mom | Bev from Eclectic Red Barn | Dawn from Pretty Shabby UK | Anuja from All I Do

And welcome our awesome guest hosts for February!

TUT Feb 2016
(from the top - left to right)
Chris from Sweet Mornings | Abiola from Ramblings of A Nigerian Workahomom | Anne from Simple and Savory | Heather from Goodlicious | Celeste from Decor by the Seashore

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Here are the Featured posts from last week!

Mari chose Loaded Meatballs from Dinosaur Superhero Mommy. "I loved Karen's share I would switch to Turkey or Chicken but looks really tasty."
Mari chose 10 Red Velvet Recipes from Marilyn's Treats. "Marilyn made me very happy with this share! My very own Valentine gift lol I look forward to trying these!!!"
Silvie chose Chinese Fried Rice from our very own Elaine from Ramblings of a (Bad) Domestic Goddess. "Chinese fried rice is one of my favorite dishes! I have always wanted to try to make it at home. This looks like an easy and delicious recipe to try, I can't wait."
Silvie chose White Chocolate Rum Chata Pudding (for stressed out moms!) from The (mis)Adventures of a "Born Again" Farm Girl. "I really enjoy a nice rum and having Guatemalan roots Horchata is one of my ultimate favorite drinks. I have seen Rum Chata but I haven't tried it. This recipe is going to give me the chance of trying it out. :)"
Chris also chose this post. "Grown up pudding that can be a popsicle!!!"
Abiola chose Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Sign + Blog Hop from our guest host of the month, Celeste from Decor by the Seashore. "I am an ardent lover of easy DIY crafts plus this site has some other wonderful thrifty craft ideas, I'm picking 'DIY Valentine's Day Sign' by Decor by The Seashore"
Abiola chose How I Conquered My Mummy Guilt from Minted Rogue. "Being a mom is a very hard task on it's own and we sometimes beat ourselves up too hard during our self appraisals...adding to the our mommy-scale so I'm picking 'How I Conquered My Mommy Guilt' by Minted Rouge as my second fave post of the week."
Celeste chose DIY Pottery Barn knock-off Chairbackers from Urban Jane. "I love how these Valentine's Day chair backers are personalized for each child. They're perfect for kids to collect those Valentine's Day cards!"
Celeste chose Beautiful Indoor Plants And A Centerpiece Idea from Bisozozo. "You'd never guess this beautiful planter box is made from cardboard and popsicle sticks. It's perfect for showing off that spring time greenery!"
Bev chose Mango Buttercream Frosting from Morsels of Life. "I love anything with mangoes so this mango frosting is perfect. Having three mango trees, I will be making this recipe when the mangoes come in."
Bev chose Almond Chocolate Chip Cake Loaf from Budget Girl. "I love anything with chocolate chips and this Chocolate chip loaf sounds wonderful. How can you go wrong."
Stacey also chose this post. "This loaf looks super delicious. I really look forward to giving it a try, because I love the almond and chocolate combination. Thank you for sharing!"
Anne chose Paleo Mini Pepper Nachos from Pancake Warriors. "What a great idea to get your nacho fix for the superbowl without refined carbs."
guacamole recipe with a twist_zpsfdwakdxm
Anne chose Super Bowl Guacamole Recipe With A Twist! from our very own Silvie from My Silly Little Gang. "Love the idea of mango and guacamole together."
Elaine chose The Only Rule You Need To Maintain a Tidy Home from Morgan Manages Mommyhood. "I am always looking for ways to help me maintain a clean home, especially since I really dislike housework. This is so simple. Can’t wait to try it out."
Elaine chose The 10 Best Red Velvet Recipes for Valentine’s Day! from Better on a Budget. "I love red velvet anything and these are great recipes to try."
Stacey chose Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake from Don't Sweat the Recipe. "I absolutely love all kinds of lemon cakes and breads. They are so refreshing, without being overly sweet. I look forward to giving this one a try. Thanks so much for sharing."
Chris chose Mini Strawberry and Nutella Stuffed French Toast from Annie's Noms. "Strawberries, Nutella & french toast!! Breakfast perfection plus they are heart shaped!!"
Heather chose White Bean Burgers from our guest host of the month, Anne from Simple and Savory. "One of our resolutions is to have one vegetarian meal each week. So far we haven't been following through on that. Hopefully this recipe for White Bean Burgers from Simple and Savory will make it into the rotation and help us get closer to our goal."
Heather chose Spice Roasted Butternut Squash from Morsels of Life. "I really like the idea of mixing sweet and spicy in this seasoning mix for Spice Roasted Butternut Squash from Morsels of Life."
Tina chose DIY Valentine Rag Wreath from Intelligent Domestications. "I love easy and quick craft projects and I really like this wreath!Cute and simple!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us."
Tina chose Turmeric “Tea” from Little Miss Dexterous. "I'm new into turmeric tea and I love it when people share their knowledge,it is a super anti-inflammatory and it's very helpful with stomach issues(I know).Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us."
Tiffany chose How Acceptance Made Me a Better Mother, Wife and Businesswoman from our very own April posting on Modernish Mommas. "April wrote this post as if it was a page from my own life. I think it takes a lot of courage and strength to accept where we are as women and mothers and decide to make the best of it no matter what. Thanks for the uplift this week April!"
Tiffany chose Wives Affect Their Husband’s Character: 4 thoughts every wife should consider from Snippets of Inspiration. "This post is one that every wife can use to help not only strengthen their marriage but their view of how they impact their husbands."
Natasha chose The Efficient Multitasker Fallacy from our very own April posting on Modernish Mommas. "Absolutely love this post! It's so true - we should definitely approach multi-tasking a little bit differently. I would rather have things completed correctly rather than half-assing everything I need to do. Great post - thanks for sharing!"
Natasha chose Simple Ways to Relax and Recharge from Something 2 Offer. "I have been on a mission to find ways to relax and recharge - this post definitely shared some great ways to do that! Thanks for sharing!"
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