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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vintage Dress Sketches

I love to watch Project Runway. The drama is too much at times and I often mute the TV until it is time for the models to walk down the runway. I like to see what they design. Some are way out there while others are quite good. 

Even if you don't like the show, I wanted to share with you some designs that my friend's aunt did when she was in design school in 1947. Yes, that is the right year.
vintage dress sketches @eclecticredbarn

Her aunt did many sketches and I was over there one day and she was going through them and she said "what am I going to do with all of these?" I fell in love with them and asked her if I could have a couple. She was delighted that I wanted them. It was hard to choose, they were all so wonderful. She even designed these tuxedos that were precious. I was torn about those.

I picked these two and framed them and decided to hang them here at the other house. I have this little alcove in my bedroom. Not good for much but thought the pictures could go here. At least for now.
framed vintage dress sketches @eclecticredbarn I just love these black and white dresses and the shoes are so adorable and only one had high heels. I even like the settee she added.
1947 Vintage dress sketches@eclecticredbarn
For these dresses, she received an A. The teacher wrote comments on this one but it is hard to read. Something about ...folds should show construction.. each fold has a top plane and a side plane...  This is dated 11/18/47.
A grade on vintage dress sketches
On the next set, she received a B. There were no comments on this one.
B grade on vintage dress sketches
What great dresses for 1947. 

She never became a famous designer, but what a great opportunity. I am honored to have these two sketches and enjoy knowing that my friend's aunt did them. They have become very special to me. 

Maybe someone out there also has a relative that has designed clothes. Do you know of anyone, or have any sketches? I would love to hear from you.

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