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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Revamped wicker chairs

If you follow me you know that I often pull furniture and other items from bulk pick up. I found these four chairs not too long ago.
tan wicker chairs
Although there were four of them, only two were in really good shape.
The bottoms of the chairs were in great shape but the backs had a few issues. You can see that a few of the pieces were broken.
tan wicker chairs
I took long strips from the other chairs and rewove them into the backs of the other two chairs and secured them with glue. I used clamps to hod them in place until the glue dried.
repaired wicker chairs
It wasn't hard to do and after it dried, it was sturdy. I decided to paint the chairs black. It took about 4-5 cans (total) of spray paint to get them completely covered.
Black painted wicker chairs
I also had a wicker side table that I had someone make for me when I lived overseas. It too was beigy-brown. I sprayed it to look like a set and added a piece of glass on the top from another project. I have had this table for 35 years and is so sturdy and not a loose piece of wicker anywhere. It is amazing.
Black wicker side table
Although I loved the plain chairs after I painted them, I decided to make cushions for the chairs.
Wicker chairs with cushions
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance - $2 a yard.  The cushions are not too thick but just enough and add some color. I even added ties to secure them to the chair. 
Wicker chair and side table
Although the two pieces are separates, they look great together.  Here is the completed set. I am going to sell them at the next garage sale.
Black wicker chairs and side table
It is always so satisfying to pull something out of the garbage and give it new life. The hardest part of this project was spray painting everything.
Before and after wicker chairs

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