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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dollar Chair Make Over

Refinished chair with black leather seat 
Sometimes you find a piece of furniture that's a great price but you don't really need it. Then sometimes you find a piece of furniture that's a great price and you do NEED it. That's what happened to me. 

Our other house north of Orlando, came with a dining room set. Nothing fancy but since I did 't want to buy a new one, we would make it work for now. Only problem was that it only had four chairs. 

I wanted to find two chairs that would work with the  set. They are rather simple, dark wood with black leather covered seats. Shouldn't be too hard to find something that works right? 

We attended a flea market that was about to end. Everything was half off. We purchased a couple of items and then headed for the car. That is when I spotted these two chairs outside. They would be perfect for the dining room and the price was right - $1.00 per chair.

Purchased chair at flea market

 They were originally priced at $2.50. Then they were marked down to $2.00. At half price, they were only $1.00. That works for me. Two dollars for two chairs, how could I go wrong?

Cost of flea market chair

Although the chairs were not painted, they needed to be lightly stripped so that I could get all of the old stain off so the new stain would match the chairs in the set. After they were stripped, I sanded them. Now they are ready to be stained.

Stripped and sanded chair

After they were stained, I purchased a yard of black leather to cover the seats. They only had screws holding them in place. I love chairs were you can remove the seats. Makes life easy! I used my staple gun to attach the leather. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of covering the seat. Here is the finished chair.

Refinished dollar chair with black leather seat

And here is the chair that came with the set. Not identical, but I didn't want them to be. They work well together and the new ones are compact enough to use in other areas. They can always be redone if I need them somewhere else.

Orginal dining room chair from set
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  1. Another great score and a wonderful makeover! I love it!

    1. Love it when you can taken something inexpensive and turn it into something you need.
      Have a great week,


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