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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Curbside Cabinet Updated

Curbside Cabinet Updated

I needed storage in our master bathroom.  Our new house is very limited on storage so I need something that I could put over the toilet that could hold cleaning supplies and some other items.

This cabinet was a solid piece of wood and I was so excited. I knew I could make this work for me. I found this cabinet beside the curb last week and I knew I needed it. Someone had put it out for pickup, and that was me. Here is what it looked like when I found it.
Eclectic Red Barn: Curbside Cabinet

Someone had actually painted the piece. It was not a stencil. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Flowers on Curbside Cabinet

Although it was pretty, it did not go in my bathroom.  I had to paint it, but first I had to sand the flowers and then put a coat of Kilns on it and then painted it all white. 

I put a few decorative items on the bottom shelf. The mustache mug and brush were my Dad's. 

I have thought of putting a stencil on the doors but I have not found one I like yet.

Eclectic Red Barn: Bottom of cabinet with decor

I was able to put most of my cleaners in there and still add some decorative items as well. Don't you just love those curbside pieces, especially when they serve such a great purpose.

Eclectic Red Barn: Painted cabinet with decor

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Updated Entry Cabinet

I have had this cabinet in my entry way for so many years - about 40 years. It is nothing special. It just works there or maybe I just got use to the piece and left it there. Have you ever done that? 
It's like a habit and you want to change it but you don't. I did change it about 2 months ago and replaced it with another piece. You can see the new one here

I decided to give it a face lift before trying to sell it. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Painted Black Entry Cabinet

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Transforming a Cabinet from the Junk Pile

If you follow me, you know that we have bulk pickup here every month. A couple of months ago, I found this one nearby.
Eclectic Red Barn: Original cabinet from junk pile
It needed so much help, but of course, I like the challenge.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Trashy Children's Cabinets

How I love bulk pick up week. Do you have something like that where you live? Once a month, people put out "trash" for bulk pick up. Now it is not really a week, only a day, but people can start putting out "trash" a week ahead.  The hard part is competing with the "truckers". These are individuals that ride through the neighbors looking for stuff. Mostly they want items that they can scrap. They can get money for scrap metal - usually by the pound. Most of the time, they beat me to any metal items.

Most of my collecting is done within my neighborhood.  Last month my neighbor put out these children's cabinets. 

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