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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

After Vet Visit

After Vet Visit

The puppies had to go to the vet for their shots. Antony was fine in the carrier, but Cleo didn't want to be in it and told me about it almost all the way there. 

I was sure if I was going to be able to bring them home. All of the Vet Techs came in and wanted to hold them and then off they took them. 

After their shots, they were very quiet and just wanted me to hold them. Slept on the way home. 

I put them in their pen area and they played for a few moments and then they got very quiet and I knew they were asleep. I was right. The trip made them so tired. 

Puppies. Share NOW. #vetvisit, #puppies, dachshunds, eclecticredbarn

They crawled into their bed, although Antony has his head on the floor. 

Soon Antony gets out of he bed and Cleo gets comfortable on her back.
Puppies. Share NOW. #vetvisit, #puppies, dachshunds, eclecticredbarn

Then Cleo decides to be half in and half out.  They are so funny. I could post a ton of pictures, but don't want to bored you. 
Puppies. Share NOW. #vetvisit, #puppies, dachshunds, eclecticredbarn

I'm sure you will see more pics in the coming weeks. 

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