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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Making a Nest in a Bird Cage

Making a Nest in a Bird Cage

Spring is in the air and that means that the birds are making nest for their babies. We have had so much fun watching the little wrens make a nest in our garage. 

I had this bird cage that needed some work so I put it on a shelf in our garage. I laid it on its side because it was to tall to sit up. As I was outside the garage, working on something else, I kept seeing this wren flying in and out of my garage. There were two of them and they were crying leaves and twigs. so I began to look to see where they were making their nest. (This is not the first time they have made a nest in my garage)

As I was looking around, I saw the wren fly into the bird cage. The door was somehow open and they just hoped in side.  You can see the bird just beginning to go into the cage. 

They put so much debris in there so they could hide those babies. Last year we could never see them or hear them and then they were hopping out of the garage. 

You can see that they are filling the cage up. Today, it was almost to the top. I did not see the wren today, I think she might be laying her eggs or sitting on them. 
it says they take 13-15 days to hatch, so we will see. 

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