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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

UZI Tactical Utility Pen

UZI Tactical Utility Pen

I don't know about you, but I carry many different tools in my purse. - measuring tape, screw driver, scissors, to name a few. It seems like I always need something when I am at a flea market, garage sale or hardware store. 

When I was in Pittsburgh last week, my Mom and I were at the hardware store trying to buy some screws we need to attach a new mirror. I needed to measure them for length. Not to worry, I had this incredible tool in my purse that would do the trick - a UZI Tactical Utility Pen. (I received this from Lazer Designs, but all opinions our my own. )

I was able to measure them and then find the right screws for the job. Now I only need to carry one tool with me. Well, I might still need my scissors.

The UZI pen also has an led light on the end. I even used this one night to find something I dropped behind the couch. 

I haven't used this feature yet, but it has a built in level. 
The people at Laser Designs were kind enough to add my logo to the pen. They do custom logos, so can make it your own. 

They  have so many products that can be customized. Check out their website for fabulous ideas -  Lazer Designs .They would make great gifts or company products. 

This tool has so many wonderful features, like a stylus, screwdrivers, ruler, etc.  Check them all out. Every thing you need in one tool and it is easy to carry and use.

Here is a link to the UZI Tactical Utility Pen  . However, don't forget to check out their other products, like thermal tumblers, cutting boards, gifts for Dad. (Father's Day is coming up) 

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