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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Need a Quick Halloween Vignette

Need a Quick Halloween Vignette?

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I am still decorating. I wanted a quick and easy vignette for my kitchen table. So I checked my stash, painted a little, added a little and this is what I came up with. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Black painted candlesticks and pumpkins

In my stash, I found several candlestick holders, a vase and some plates. 

I glued the plates to the candlesticks and to the vase, but I turned it upside down first. I wanted the opening of the vase to be on the bottom. You can pick up inexpensive candlesticks and plates at garage sales and thrift stores. You might even have some in your stash.

I found some black spray paint in the garage and sprayed the candlesticks, the vase and the plates black. They looked great.

I also found some left over black trim from another project. It was so perfect since it had little bats hanging down.

Eclectic Red Barn: Candlesticks with bat trim

Eclectic Red Barn: Candlesticks with bat trim small pumpkins

I glued the trim onto two of the candlesticks but not the small vase one. The small plate had scallops around it and the trim would not fit nicely.

Eclectic Red Barn: Candlesticks with small pumpkins

Add in some spider material, some small pumpkins, leaves and a Halloween salt and pepper set. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Candlesticks with small pumpkins and Halloween salt and pepper shakers

And there you have a quick and inexpensive Halloween vignette. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Painted Candlesticks and Halloween salt and pepper shaker  vignette

Even if you don't have cute Halloween salt and pepper shakers, it is still a great table vignette. You could add whatever you might have - skulls, bats, leaves, spiders. You get the idea.

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  1. So cute! Pinning & sharing on my Facebook page!

  2. That turned out so cute! I love how you added levels with the plates. :-)

  3. I am going to the Goodwill today to look for some pieces to make this too. Thank you for sharing!!! Happy Fall, Kippi

    1. Kippi,
      These are so simple to make and you can find all kinds of cheap items to maek them with. Post them so I can see them.


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