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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Plastic Pumpkins and a Drapery Rod

Plastic pumpkins are cheap and lightweight so they were perfect for this outdoor project. If you have some of these plastic pumpkins and a rod, you might be interested in making this project.
plastic pumpkin and rod

You have seen these plant towers before, where Terracotta pots were used. Instead of using Terracotta pots, this tower was made using plastic pumpkins.  
Plastic Pumpkin Tower @Eclectic Red Barn

My neighbor made this and it sits out near her mailbox. She didn't have any pictures as they were making the tower, but she did tell me what she did.

She use an old drapery rod. It was lighter in weight and easier to use with these plastic pumpkins. Her husband secured the rod into the large flower pot that was already heavy. 
Base of pumpkin tower

They filled the flower pot with soil and began to make the tower.

The bottom pumpkin was drilled on its side. 
Base of pumpkin tower

The other pumpkins were all drilled on the bottom. They rotated the placement of the hole in the bottom of each pumpkin from right to left as they worked up the tower. 
Pumpkin tower
When they got to the top pumpkin, they secured the finial from the rod to the top of the rod that was coming up at the bottom of the last pumpkin.

Mums were added to all of the plastic pumpkins, in the main planter, and even the two on the ground.
Plastic Pumpkin Tower
A little fall sign and it was finished. It really is so cheery and I love seeing it on our walks and watching the mums get bigger.

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