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Monday, September 21, 2015

Updated Sewing Drawer

Sewing Drawer Becomes Flower Box 

I love old sewing drawers. I know some of you do too. This one I have had for many year ( like maybe 20)  and I am not sure where it came from. I have used it for many things, then it seemed to get pushed aside and forgotten.  When I was cleaning the garage a few months back, I found it and wanted to give it a update.
Old sewing drawer @ Eclectic Red Barn

It was plain, but I knew some paint would fix that.
Old sewing drawer @ Eclectic Red Barn
Some soap and water took care of the inside. The handle on the front was missing the pull part, but it is still decorative so  I cleaned it up and left it alone.
Old sewing drawer front @ Eclectic Red BarnOld sewing drawer handle @ Eclectic Red Barn

I found some light blue/gray paint, so that's what I used.
painted sewing drawer from Eclectic Red Barn
When it was dry, I distressed it some. I put the handle back on but it still needed something on the side. I found some wooded flowers at a garage sale a while back. There were 12 of them in a bag. Each one was a different color. This one was a silver color.
Sewing drawer with wooden flower attached
Now for some mason jars and flowers.
Painted sewing drawer wiht mason jars and flowersPainted sewing drawer wiht mason jars and flowers
Three mason jars fit perfectly and these are the only flowers I had available. 

Louie was resting on the couch while I was taking pictures. The dogs love being out on the deck. 
Painted sewing drawer wiht mason jars and flowers

Painted sewing drawer wiht mason jars and flowers

When the flowers died, I brought the sewing drawer inside and cleaned the jars. I had it setting on the counter when my daughter moved here from California. I posted about her move and the work space we created at the other house here
She looked at the drawer and asked if she could have it for her pencils and pens. Of course, so now she has it on her desk.

Sewing drawer as pencil and pen holder
How could I say no when she loved it so much? I have other drawers. I am just glad she liked it. 
Sewing drawer as pencil and pen holder

It is great for pencils or for flowers. (You can see the lids next to the jars in this picture. I didn't want to loose them.)
If you come across sewing drawers, remember they make great storage or lovely flower containers, plus a whole lot more. What will you do with yours?

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