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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Embracing the Victorian Era With Antiques in Your Home - Guest post

Today I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post by Tyler Schmidt entitled:
Embracing the Victorian Era With Antiques in Your Home

It was a time of change. It was a time to set aside the rationalism of the past and embrace the artistic and literary ways of thinking as well as intellect. Its literature and art is dynamic, painting the era in a way only Jane Austen and William Blake could do. The Victorian era lives on through these works of art, and brought to life in the living and dining rooms of those who embrace it.
Here are some tips for decorating every room in your home with antiques that represent so much more than a fraction of time in history:
No detail is too small. 
Victorian era antiques are often intricate in every way possible. Find ways to integrate those details into the d├ęcor of the room, by using unique plates or other pieces from the era to display amidst a mixture of coordinating furniture.

Soak it up. 
A claw foot tub is a must for any Victorian-themed home. Not only does it encapsulate the era, but it’s darn cozy to think of soaking in a brilliant one-of-a-kind tub by the fire with a good book by candlelight.

Something borrowed, something new. 
If you appreciate modern touches, it is okay to mix the old with the new. Proceed with caution, as it needs to be the right combination of pieces to work together, but know it is perfectly acceptable to showcase a beautiful piece of Victorian furniture amid more modern touches.

Keep it simple. 
 What may have seemed like a good idea at the time may not still be right for the spaces in your home. Between patterned wallpaper and chandeliers and handcrafted details in the furniture, it all can be a little much. Remember it’s okay to find one or two features to highlight in a room, like an especially unique bed frame or magnificent fireplace, and have them really stand out.

Let there be light. 
There is much to appreciate in Victorian-era pieces and within Victorian homes themselves. One feature that seems to appear a lot is the chandelier, so don’t forget to find a way to incorporate one into a prominent space. Make it the focal point of the room by keeping crisp, white walls that keep the attention on the furniture or lighting choices.  

Tyler Schmidt is a freelance writer, newspaper reporter and mother whose work has also been published on Ladies Life.  She currently writes about home decor ideas and inspiration for Modernize.com

Hope you found some inspiration in one of these images.

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