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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Globe Light as Path Light Cover

Old globe lights make great path light covers. Instead of having ordinary path lights at night, I thought I would make something a little more exciting. How about this for a path light?
globe light cover for solar light

I cheated some since I used the base of the path light and just added a new top.

globe light
You can find these lamp shades at thrift stores and sometimes at garage sales. I picked this one up for 99 cents. It doesn't matter if there is a pattern on it, since the decorative stones will cover it.

Gather up whatever  you would like to cover your globe with. I used decorative stones that I had on hand.
globe light and decorative stones
I used Tacky glue since I had it already, but you could use anything that sets up rather soon. I had hoped this project would be done in one evening, however, it took me several days. Not because it was hard, but because it took time for the stones to dry before adding more. Otherwise they start to slide down.
adding stones to globe light
I started at the bottom and put a row around the base. The second layer kept sliding down so I had to hold them. I think there is an outdoor chalking that you can also use. I want to try that next time.

I would tilt the globe back so they would stay in place and then add some more stones.
stones on globe light
I did sections at a time and that seemed to work. Finally, it was fully filled in.
globe light covered in stones
At night it lights up and looks great. It was a great way to use up some glass stones. 

I only created one for now and when I find more globes, I can cover the other three path lights in the side garden.
Sometimes you can pick up stones at flea markets and yard sales. Not sure of total cost since I already had the stones. With coupons you can get decorative stones rather cheaply at craft stores. The Dollar Tree also carries them.

It is decorative during the day and colorful at night.
decorative solar light cover

Here it is at night. Sorry the picture is not very good.

globe at night

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  1. Do these hold together well in rain?

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  4. Hi! I'm so looking forward to trying this! In curious though about how it holds up. I live in SC so we have tons of sun and it rains a lot. Does the glue you used hold up well? Did you seal it at all?

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