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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Louie on the hunt!

Louie is my hunter and today was no different. Although it was raining, Louie was out front hunting. I thought he was trying to get a gecko. After awhile, he started barking and barking. He would bark, look at me and then on the ground. I knew he had something. I was surprised to see what he had caught.
Louie with his iguana

The iguana was mad to say the least and trying to protect itself, while Louie is being rather coy and looking away. He was so proud of himself and his prey.

This picture is the first one I took and Louie moved so it is a little blurred.
Captured iguana
I had to pick Louie up to bring him in doors because I was not sure if the iguana was poisonous or not. Checked it out and they are not. I finally got the iguana on a shovel and moved him to another location. 

Louie was dying to get back outside and check on his prize. He was not happy that the iguana was gone. Just then I heard ducks overhead. Here comes two ducks flying over the garage. One landed in a tree on top of my staghorn fern. 
Duck on the staghorn fern
The other one landed on the road and proceeded to squawk. I ran for my camera again and got some pictures.
Duck in the road
As I tried to get closer, the one in the tree flew down to the road to join the other one. 
Ducks on the road
It was a crazy morning. I never know what might happen here. Louie keeps me on my toes and I am never sure what wildlife might show up. Keeps life interesting and fun!

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