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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is ringing in the new year with hope in their hearts and a smile on their face. I new year is beginning and time to reflect. My daughter, husband and I sat last night and talked about the best and worst moments of 2014. We were so blessed, except for our precious Tiny passing and my daughter's cat Saddie passing, we could not think of anything else bad that happened. How awesome is that! God is good!

I hope that your new year is filled with many  hopes and dreams. I have not made any new year's resolutions yet, maybe later this week. For now I am continuing to enjoy the holidays. I must admit I have been offline for the past week and it has been wonderful just connecting with family and friends and enjoying our time together. My daughter has to go back to California Friday night so I am trying to be with her as much as possible. I will be sad when she leaves. 

Friends will be arriving soon to celebrate the new year with us. Be safe if you are traveling.
 Hope your have a very happy new year!

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