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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chinese Light Bulbs?

Chinese light bulb
"Chinese"  Light Bulb

'Found these "Chinese" light bulbs many, many years ago. I thought they were really cool although I never tried to plug them in to see if they worked. 

I love to bring them out at Christmas in different arrangements. The paint is beginning to wear on them, some more than others. 

This year I decided to put them into a vintage wooden box. 'Not sure what this box was for. I think it was some type of sifter or strainer since it has a metal bottom in it with holes like you find on the small hole side of a grater.  I should have taken a picture of it before I made the arrangement.
Chinese light bulb in vintage wooded box
Vintage Wooden Box with Chinese Light Bulb
I have five light bulbs in three different colors - blue, yellow, and a turquoise. 

Chinese light bulb
Chinese Light Bulb - Starting to Fade
I added greens and some red berries to the mix.

Chinese light bulb and mason jar arrangement
Mason Jar and Chinese Light Bulbs
My second yellow bulb is losing its paint, but that's OK, makes them more precious.

yellow chinese light bulb
Yellow Chinese Light Bulb
I added rose hips to the bottom of the mason jars and then inserted votive candles. 

Mason jar and chinese light bulb decor
Mason Jar with Chinese Light Bulbs
'Hope you like my Chinese light bulb arrangement! Enjoy and good luck with all your decorating!

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