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Monday, November 5, 2012

Vintage Bobbin Spool and Old Spring Display

bobbin spool, old springs and fall decor
Vintage Bobbin and Spring Fall Display

Bobbins and the machinery they ran on were some of the greatest inventions of the Victorian Era. Since most textile mills had their own machine shops and their own favorite shape of bobbin, we see many varied bobbin designs. 

Recently I came up with the idea to combine vintage bobbin spools with old springs. I  found these unique spools, which are different from most of the wooden bobbin spools that I've collected. Someone thought they might have been for quilting, but I can't find any reference to that. If you know specifically what they were used for, please let me know. 

Vintage wooden bobbins and old springs
Vintage Bobbin Spool and Old Spring

I also had some old furniture or bed springs (I'm not sure which) so I thought they would make a great pairing. All I had to do was place the bobbin spools inside of the springs. While I liked the effect, I didn't stop there. 

I next placed battery operated candles on top of the bobbins that causes the bobbins to look like large candles. I purchased these in Vermont at the Vermont Bobbin Company. It's a great store and I always find something to buy.

battery operated vintage style candles

To give it a fall display effect, I added some small pumpkins around the springs and more at the base with some acorns. I then curled some fall berries up and around the springs.

I didn't attach the pumpkins to the springs since I thought I would probably modify it for other holidays - like Christmas.
old springs, fall decor, pumpkin display, fall berries
Old Springs at the Base of Vintage Bobbins

I couldn't decide were I wanted them to be displayed, but eventually I moved them to my buffet in the dining room. 

Vintage bobbin spool and spring fall decor display in dinning room
Vintage Bobbin Spool and Old Spring Fall Display

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