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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Florida Arrangement

Fall Party
fall Florida arrangement, bird of paradise in fall arrangement
Fall Florida Arrangement    

As I wondered about making a fall Florida arrangement, I thought about the ones I used to make when I lived up North where fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and other plant and shrub materials were readily available, both at farm stores and in my own back yard.

I recently purchased two yellow mums from Home Depot that I thought I could use, but I needed something to go with them. So I headed outside to see what I could find in my yard.

 I had some bushes that had reddish green leaves that would work. But, I still needed something else. Then I noticed that the bird of paradise was blooming profusely. Well, they are not your typical fall flower; but after all this is Florida, they are orange, and you have to use what you have on hand. So bird of paradise it is.

I started by placing the two mums in a small decorative washtub that I had on hand. I inserted a vase with the bird of paradise flowers that I had picked from the yard between the mums. I next added the reddish green leaves into the vase with the bird of paradise and added another small vase near the front with more leaves. Finally, I found some plastic gourds at the dollar store – 5 in a pack. I poked wooden skewers into them and inserted them around the arrangement I love how it turned out, even if it is not a traditional fall arrangement. I hope you enjoy it too.

fall Florida arrangement, bird of paradise, different fall items
Fall Florida Arrangement

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