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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saucer Picture Plate with Pearls

saucer with picture and pearls, vintage saucer as picture frame
Vintage Saucer as Picture Frame

I am always looking for objects to use to display pictures, especially ones of the grand kids. After I had finished creating the mosaic shelf for my spare bedroom, I wanted to place a picture on the shelf, but not in an ordinary frame.

I found a cute saucer in my plate collection (As I've already mentioned, I have many collections). I thought it would make a great picture frame. I found a great picture of my granddaughter that would work. I cut the picture to size and glued it to the opening where the cup would normally go. Then I glued  some beads around the rim. You can purchase beads by the yard at WalMart or Jo Ann fabrics or purchase a small roll. 

pearls for decorating saucer plate as picture frame
Pearls for Decorating

That's all there is to it. Any saucer will work, this one had a higher ridge where the cup set than some of the others saucers I had. This allowed the pearls to sit up higher. Enjoy!!

saucer picture frame vintage saucer plate
Finished Saucer as Picture Frame

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