FFf Eclectic Red Barn: What Home Safety Measures Do You Have? - Page 5

What Home Safety Measures Do You Have? - Page 5

5. What child doesn't love water? 
  • They love the pool, the bath tub or even a bucket of water to splash in. However, a child can drown swiftly and silently in as little as 2 inches of water.  
  • Never leave children alone in the bath tub, not even for a few seconds. 
  • Make sure you have locks on gates leading to swimming pools. 
  • Empty out small wading pools, buckets, tubs when finished. 
  • If you use a babysitter, make sure they know about the safety measures you have in place:  in the kitchen, water and pools, poisons and fire.
  • Create a list of emergency numbers that is posted where all can see. 

    Remember when it comes to making your home safe,  you need to make safety practices part of your overall family routine,  you need to PRACTICE.

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