FFf Eclectic Red Barn: What Home Safety Measures Do You Have? - Page 4

What Home Safety Measures Do You Have? - Page 4


4. Do you practice safety in the kitchen?  
  • When you are cooking, make sure that you always turn the pan handles to the back, away from the edge of the stove.  
  • Always stay in the kitchen when the stove is on. It only takes a moment for an accident to happen. 
  • Never put hot drinks or food on a tablecloth were little ones can pull it down on themselves and be very careful when carrying hot liquids around small children.
  • Use pot holders for carrying food, but be careful not to leave them near an open flame. 
  • Practicing safety measures in the kitchen can go a long way to preventing the over 500 million burns and scalds that occur every year in the United States.
    Hot Water Causes Third Degree Burns
        ...in 1 second at 156º
       …in 2 seconds at 149º
       …in 5 seconds at 140º
       …in 15 seconds at 133º

Source : The Burn Foundation
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Let's see how to prevent Drowning in your home.
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