FFf Eclectic Red Barn: Second Chances - Page 2

Second Chances - Page 2

Converting the Vintage Window Grate
I don't have any pictures of the window grate in its original condition, but it had a lot of rust.  I love rusty things but not where it would fall off into your food.

So a friend sand blasted it for me and added a coat of primer. It is hard to tell, but the sand blasted version is a reddish color.                                

sand blasted pot rack
Sand Blasted Pot Rack

The window grate stayed like this until recently when my husband, Barry (his brother) and Randy (his cousin) decided to help me hang it. It was so heavy that it took two of us to hold it up.
Once we decided where to put it, they worked on building the frame. Since it was so heavy, we could not find studs that would work with the grate, so the only other option was a frame that could be secured to the ceiling and then the grate could be attached to that.

I spray painted the piece using black Rustoleum Hammered paint.
Now, we had to decide how to attach the hooks. The rack has curved ends that we could have used, but we would have had to drill holes in them and I was trying to keep the grate as close to its original state as possible. 

I purchased a wooden dowel and cut it to length and then spray painted it using the same paint. My husband used a drill press to make pilot holes for eye bolts. We used small eye bolts so that the pot hooks, which I ordered off the Internet, would remain captive when removing my pots. 

If you look closely you can see that the wooden dowels are not actually part of the frame. Further, you can see that the dowel is resting on the curved ends but will not move because of the eye bolts. 

This pot rack certainly satisfied a need that I had to get my pots and pans within easy reach. 

Maybe you don't  have a vintage window grate available for your pot rack, no problem. Many unique pot racks can be made from various materials, such as ladders, pallets, sleds. So get creative and reuse, recycle or repurpose one for yourself.


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