FFf Eclectic Red Barn: Making a Clothesline Pole

Making a Clothesline Pole

Supplies Needed for the Clothesline Pole:
- One 2 inch diameter PVC pipe. You need one that is sturdy in diameter or otherwise it will bend too much. They come in 10 foot lengths.
- One T-joint - to fit the size of the PVC pipe you pick
- One clothesline

Eclectic Red Barn: t-joint

How to create the clothesline pole:
1.  Cut the PVC to size. You want it to hold up the line when lots of clothes are on it. I cut off about 2ft. from mine which worked out great. (You can use a hack saw or chop saw.)
2. Take the t-joint and attach it to the top of the PVC pipe. No need to glue it. It fits snug without glue.
3.  Insert the clothesline through the t-joint and then string between two trees, poles or whatever you have. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Clothesline Poll with t-joint

Now you are ready to hang your sheets on the line and enjoy the aroma of nature-dried laundry when you snuggle under these sheets. 

The great thing about this clothesline pole is that it cost less than $6 and will never wear out
Eclectic Red Barn: Clothesline Poll with t-joint and clothesline

Do any of you use a clothesline? I know it is banned in some states and of course you can't use one in cold temperatures. 

Do you have any "clothesline stories"? I would love to hear about your clothesline experiences.

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