FFf Eclectic Red Barn: How to Make Candle Cozies - Pattern

How to Make Candle Cozies - Pattern

Crocheted Candle Cozies

These cozies will fit these little candle holders. You can purchase them at any craft store (they are usually 2 for $1) and I often see them at garage sales for a quarter. They have a lip around the top.

Materials you will need:

  • -         Needle – I used a size 10 crochet needle
  • -         Fabric scraps (for yoyo's)
  • -         Buttons
  • -         Thread(HobbyLobby states it is a size #10 crochet thread)

You will use the following stitches for these crocheted cozies:

          Chain stitch

          Single crochet

          Double crochet

1. Row One: Start by adding a Slip knot onto the crochet needle. If you are not familiar with the slip knot, you can find directions here https://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=1 I

2.   Holding the base of the knot, chain about 50 stitches. This will vary depending on the thickness of your yarn and the size of your needle.
** You should measure your chain around the base of the candle holder to make sure it fits. It does not have to be exact, since the yarn will stretch, keep it a shade smaller so it is tight when finished.

3.   Join the chain to make a circle. Hold the end of the chain were you began (where the thread is hanging down), put your hook into that first loop. You should now have two loops on your hook.

4.    Yarn over your needle and bring it through both loops. You now have a circle. You may want to check that it fits around the bottom of the candle holder.

5.    Row Two:  *Chain five, do not count the loop that you start with. Count over 3-4 stitches and insert your hook into that loop.
You will want to try and space them evenly around the chain, making sure you have some even spacing at the end. Yarn over and make a single chain in that loop.  Continue from * until the end of the circle.

When you reach near the end of Row 2, the last chain5 loop) instead of chaining 5, chain 2 and then a double chain. Yarn over the hook, two loops on the hook. Insert into the first loop at the beginning of Row 2.

- In this picture you will see several rows already crocheted, but the process is the same for all rows.
Yarn over and bring through two of the loops on the hook. You will now have two loops on the hook. Yarn over and draw through the remaining two loops.
You will now be in the center of the loop.

6.   Rows 3 through 11: - Continue with Row 2 until desired height. Based on my needle and thread, I crocheted nine more rows. (Ending in the center of the loop as with all other rows.)

7.   Row 12: You should be in the center of the loop. Make a double chain and a single chain in the same loop.
- In the next loop, *single chain, three double chains, single chain * to make a scallop in each loop around.
- Continue crocheting from * all the way around.
- When you get to the last loop, single chain and two double chains.
- Insert hook into top of first double chain and draw through both loops.

8.   To finish, make a knot and tie off the thread. You can weave it into some of the scallops to hide.

9.   I used a little hot glue at the top of the candle holder to hold the crocheted sleeve in place.

I made a flower using the yo-yo method. If you are not sure how to make a yo-yo flower, I have directions here. Then I glued the yo-yo and a button to the front. 
These crocheted cozies were a great way to use up those left over crochet thread scraps. Sometimes you can find thread cheaply at garage sales and thrift stores.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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