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Monday, July 2, 2018

Decorated Blue Bottles for the 4th

I wanted to make something "easy" for the 4th. In a previous post, Stardom Craft Liquid Markers, I showed you some wine bottles that I used the markers on. Here I will show you how I created them.

4th of July decor

I was lucky to have these blue wine bottles that would work great for the 4th. I used the Stardom Craft Liquid Markers and drew stars on the bottles. This was so easy to do with these markers. If you make a mistake, just wipe it off and start again. 

wine bottle with stars

Once I had the stars on, it still needed something. I had this 4th of July garland from the Dollar Tree so I wrapped it around the wine bottle. I did use a glue gun to adhere it in a couple of places. 

I wanted to keep it rather simple. 
4th of July decorate wine bottles

I placed the decorated wine bottles on my 4th of July tray. 

I had this 4th of July cow that is so adorable I just had to add him to my tray.  I was into cows a few years ago. Got rid of many of them, but just had to keep this one and a couple others.

4th of July cows

The centerpiece is on my table outside. I also have my 4th of July Garland that I made last year.

4th of July centerpiece

You can read how to make this garland here. The garland was another easy project.

4th of July garland
You could decorate wine bottles for other holidays. This was such and easy and cheap project. I had plenty of the stars and stripe garland left over. If you don't have liquid chalk markers, you could paint on stars.

4th of July wine bottles and tray

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