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About Me

Seems like I have been a DIYer all my life. In fact, I can't remember not working on some project: stripping furniture, painting furniture, re-purposing an object, mixing new and old items in my home, sewing, and on it goes; just like many of you.

When I was young, it was often out of necessity that I used found or inexpensive furniture to furnish our home when money was tight. As I got  older and had the money, I still enjoyed re-purposing furniture or some  other treasure. There's nothing like finding a great piece in someone's trash, or at a yard sale, or beside the road to refurbish. I must admit that I still like "curbing." I am retired and currently live in southern Florida where we have bulk pickup every month. It is amazing what people throw out. Only problem now is getting it before someone else does.

I live here with my husband Rick, our cat Claire and our doxie Marina.

Marina sitting next on church pew, doxie, dachshund

  Marina likes to sit on the church pew beside me when I am working at my computer.

Claire sleeping on exerciser, cat
Claire Sleeping

   Claire likes to sleep in the exercising chair. Her only form of exercise is stretching out.

Claire and Marina sleeping
Claire and Marina Sleeping while I work

 I guess I am too boring for them as they are both sleeping while I work. Claire is on the floor next to us.

We purchased a second home last year just north of  Disney World, makes it great for Disney vacations with the grand kids. We agreed that we would not "fill" this house since we have so much in our current home. That worked for the first year. Now we have added beds in the spare rooms and of course that means dressers, night stands, lamps, decor etc. So off to yard sales and flea markets to find some pieces that I can refinish. Of course, this means that I have even more projects to work on, but I don't mind. Seeing the finish result is great.

My biggest project however, is the Red Barn Project. You can read more about it by clicking on the tab above or clicking here. The barn will take a lot of my time. One would think that when you retire, you have plenty of time - not so. Always so much to do, but I try to make time for the fun things.


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  3. Dearest Bev,
    Thank you for hosting today too this wonderful TFT party (but, do you host?)!
    Today I'm sharing links 42, 43, 44, 45.
    In the hope you enjoyed your Christmas, I'm sending my very best wishes for a fabulous year to come.
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