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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Heartfelt Thanks and a Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

Welcome dear friends. First I want to thank all of your for your kind wishes and concerns during Ian. We are so thankful that we had no damage or flooding. 

I know some of you have family here in Florida. I hope they are all safe and well. 

What a storm. Listening to the wind was so scary. You just wanted it to stop. Fortunately, this week has seen cooler temps and no rain which will help many. We still have thousands of homes without power, although it gets better every day. 

Once again, thank you for your thoughtfulness! 

On to the party!

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Share NOW. #wwbh #wwbloghop #wonderfulwednesdaybloghop #eclecticredbarn

Monday, October 3, 2022

You're The Star - Garden Feature Week

Welcome to You're The Star - Garden Feature Week

Happy Monday! It's a new week and I am glad that last week is over. Ian came into Florida and we will all remember that devastation it caused. It will be weeks before they will know the extent of the damage but from the news, it has been unbelievable. I feel so bad for all of those in Fort Meyers and Sanibel and the other towns that were devastated by this storm. 

Here in central Florida, we experienced lots of rain and wind but nothing compared to those on the west coast. We still are having flooding issues.

Our home had no damage. Lots of downed branches and leaves. Our yard was almost completely littered with debris and we lost power for 4 days but we were blessed. 

Prayers go out to all of those who were not so fortunate. My God be with you through this difficult time.  
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo YoureTheStarHopLarge_zpsjbrldhcx.jpg

WELCOME to the October 2022 "You're the Star" Blog Hop!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Post Ian and Happiness Is Homemade Party

Post Ian and Happiness Is Homemade Party

Ian has left Florida and has delivered such destruction. We were very lucky, no damage to our house or our family homes. Our power went out Wednesday evening and it finally came back on tonight. 

We had a lot of debris and branches in the yard.  We filled up 30 garbage cans and then I stopped counting. I love having over an acre of land, but the last two days, I would have liked less land. After two days of racking and dumping, the yard is finally back to normal. I wish I could say the same for me. I have blisters on top of blisters and I am exhausted. 

At least we have our home. I can't imagine all of those whose homes were destroyed. It was difficult to watch all of the devastation. It seemed like it was going to be  rather quiet season for hurricanes. You just never know.

Happy October and can I say it please… I am so Happy I live in a World with Octobers. What a fun month, Fall has started, Canadian Thanksgiving and yes Halloween. And the start of Q4 for all the bloggers. OMG what a month. Welcome to Happiness is Homemade Ready For October.

This is my month, I love hosting for October,. All the other months my amazing co-hosts share their favs. This month, A Labour of Life gets to share her love of Fall, Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween, for this Canadian it is an amazing time of year. Today, I celebrate Fall in all its glory. Muted Pumpkins, Rustic Decor and all the things to sip and savour. Come show us what you are working on.

happiness is homemade 447

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ian and Thursday Favorite Things Party

Ian and Thursday Favorite Things Party 

Thursday Favorite Things. Share NOW. #linkyparty. #TFT #thursdaayfavoritethings #eclecticredbarn

Happy Thursday. Well, I am preparing my party before Ian gets here and we loose power. So far , we have had some rain and a little wind, but it is coming. 

I feel sorry for all of those that are more affected than we might be. At least I hope that is the scenario. We have been watching for so long, I wish it would move faster to get it over with. Oh well, please be safe. My prayers are coming your way.

 Enjoy the rest of your week.

Many of my features come from your comments. Don't forget to leave our Linkup Number or Post Title so I can find you and you might become one of my features for next week. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hurricanes and Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

Welcome Friends. Well, we are preparing for Ian. We will not get the flooding by lots and lots of rain. I hope our friends in other parts of Florida are safe. What a storm this is and will be. 

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words about my granddaughter. She is doing much better although she still has some green and purple bruising on her face. On the road to recovery.

Be safe everyone in the path of Ian

On to the party!

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Share NOW. #wwbh #wwbloghop #wonderfulwednesdaybloghop #eclecticredbarn

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