FFf Eclectic Red Barn: Harvesting Mangoes

Monday, June 23, 2014

Harvesting Mangoes

There is nothing like harvesting your own fruit and vegetables. This weekend was the time to harvest our first mangoes.Yeah!! You wait and wait and then all of a sudden, they are everywhere.
Eclectic Red Barn: Harvesting Mangoes

Here is our first batch - 11 mangoes on Saturday. We did a lot of research before we planted our mango trees.. There are over 400 varieties of mangoes. Fortunately, our friends would give us mangoes and we were able to sample many varieties. Our choice was a Glen mango. These are so juicy and have a fabulous flavor. Did you ever buy a mango and it was stringy? Well, these are not. 
Eclectic Red Barn: Harvested Mangoes
You get so much more mango with these because the others are so stringy that you get little mango.
Eclectic Red Barn: Cut Glen Mangoes
This year the mangoes are so plentiful. Our branches are almost touching the ground because they are so loaded. A few of the mangoes actually are touching the ground. 

Now all of this seems so wonderful - fresh mangoes to eat. What could be better? Well, all is not well in mango land. You see, we have to share our mangoes with the birds.
Eclectic Red Barn:Birds eating mangoes
Yes, the birds really like mangoes. The problem is that they often pick at one and then move off. Sometimes they really do a job on them, but mostly they just make it so that we can't eat them. The blue jays are the worst. Fortunately, this year we have lots, so we will share. The dogs like to go and eat the ones they knock on the ground. I have to clean them up everyday so they don't get sick. 

On Sunday, we picked another 16 mangoes. Yikes! Guess what, it is going to be mango something for dinner this week. Lots of mango recipes will be coming. 

Today, I am making my Island Mango Bread. I have made this before so you can check it out at this post.

P.S.  I have grown many mango trees from the seeds. I give them to anyone who wants one. I don't have any now, but will plan on growing some this year. If you live in the area and want one, let me know. It does take awhile before you get fruit. :)

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