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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Too Much Rain?

I have been reading posts about places that have had little rain. Katie over at Katherine's Corner posted about the heat and water rationing and the affect on her Hollyhocks. Well, I wish I could send all of those who need rain some of ours. It started raining on Saturday (southern Florida) and basically has not stopped. Needless to say, our yard is flooded and we have an acre under water. This picture is not great since it was raining so hard and it was dark outside. 

Eclectic Red Barn: Flooded back yard

Every yard is flooded on our street and down the road it is completely flooded across the road. The dogs don't know what to do. Fortunately, our front yard is not as bad. This is the worst it has ever been. It is so depressing and there is no relief in sight. Looks like we might get a break next Thursday. Yuck!

We had about two hours this morning with no rain, but it has started up again. Guess I will bake or work on my couch covers. 
Wish me patience! 


  1. Good Afternoon Beverly, Oh no this is awful.... are you sure you don't live in England, as prior to the heatwave we are now experiencing, it seemed as if we were never going to see the sunshine, as it just poured down with rain constantly. I think our weather is all topsy turvy at the moment. We have had a heatwave for about two weeks now and people in the south of England are struggling with the temperatures. Here in the North of England we have the sea breeze to keep us cool.
    I am sending you a little sunshine, I hope it reaches you soon.
    Best Wishes

  2. We're having the same problem here. Over the past month we've had 4 or 5 days of rain followed by a really muggy, humid afternoon and then we start the whole process all over again. I keep waiting for the summer sunshine but it just doesn't look like it plans on coming out this year.

  3. Our rain has ended and now we are in heatwave #4. Great blog - have a wonderful weekend!

  4. It's so weird isn't it? You know it's actually been hotter in Minnesota recently than it has been in Florida.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. Hi - I'm just popping over from Thursday Fav Things hop. Following you on BlogLovin :)

    LuAnne @ Winterpast Moments

  6. It is so hard when one area has too much rain and others don't have any. We have been having sunny and very warm (for us in the PNW) weather for three weeks now - though very pleasant, it is highly unusual to go this long without rain. I'll take the sunshine anytime, we get plenty of rain in the winters.

  7. We've had strange weather where I live this summer, too. We started out setting a record for 16 days in a row with rain. The record dated back to 1928. Now we've had a week of record high temperatures and not a drop of rain. Where is our happy medium? I hope your rain comes to an end soon. You really do have a lot!

  8. oh my and I thought our back yard was bad a week or so ago. Hope you get some relief and dry out soon

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  10. Horrible. I'm in Southern Alberta and we've had some horrible flooding around here this year. I hope your rain lets up and there isn't too much damage.

  11. Raining here too for weeks. So, we are on the same boat;)

  12. Oh I am so sorry, that looks terrible! Has your yard dried out yet?!!


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