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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Front Entry, Halloween wreath
Halloween Front Entry

The front door is always a great place to decorate for Halloween since the kids come to the door to trick or treat. I wanted it to be lighted for nighttime viewing and also be sufficiently decorated for daytime enjoyment. 

First I added alighted garland around the door with some spider webbing over the top part of the door and half way down the sides. I hung two scary foam spiders in the corners, using fishing line, one on each of the door. 

In the right corner beside the door is a witch that I purchased at a garage sale for $1.00. It was a great find. 


On the left side of the door, I used a small two-tiered stand with pickets. One of the pickets has a birdhouse on the top of it. On the top shelf I placed a lighted pumpkin, a stuffed little pumpkin girl, and two small pumpkins still attached to the vine On the bottom shelf I placed a boy and girl scarecrow with a mum plant next to them. I wrapped some Halloween fabric around the base of the mum planter. Then I placed a small pumpkin light in the ground behind the mum. Finally I added some grapevine around the back of the pickets and down the sides along with some orange lights. 

Halloween Picket Bench
Halloween Picket Bench

On the door I hung a Halloween wreath that says – BOO. To create this wreath, I purchased a wreath at a garage sale for 50 cents. 

wreath made of straw
Straw Wreath

Next I cut strips of black fabric about 3 inches wide and wrapped them around the wreath securing each one with a straight pin. 

Wrap black strips around straw wreath
Wrapping Black Strips Around Wreath

completely wrapped straw wreath with black fabric
Completely Wrapped Wreath with Black Fabric

After it was completely wrapped, I cut strips of fabric from fabric called Creepy Cloth from the Dollar Tree. 
creepy cloth
Creepy Cloth from the Dollar Tree

I tied them around the wreath one at a time securing them with a knot. Since the fabric was woven, it gave texture to the wreath. 

creepy cloth wrapped on wreath
Creepy Cloth on Wreath

Wreath competely wrapped with creepy cloth
Wreath Completely Wrapped in Creepy Cloth
I purchased ribbon from the Dollar Tree and made a bow and attached it to the bottom.

halloween ribbon
Halloween Ribbon
I purchased wooden B-O-O letters at A. C. Moore. I attached them to wooden skewers that I had spray painted black. 

boo letters and skewers
Letters and Skewers

boo letters with skewers attached
BOO Letters with Skewers Attached

Lastly, I added a glow-in-the-dark spider to the wreath. It welcomes all the trick or treaters to the front door.

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