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Friday, September 21, 2012

Painted Bottles with Jewelry

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Painted Bottles with Jewelry

W hen I saw these bottles at Fox Hollow Cottage,  I thought they were adorable and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.  It seems that many of the older bottles have a cloudy film on them that doesn't come clean. I have even tried Clorox in them. Nevertheless, these would work great since they would be painted. 

I found two bottles that would work and then while I was at A. C. Moore, a craft store similar to Michaels, I found a larger bottle for $1.49. I had a 55% off coupon so 75 cents was a good deal.

First I put a coat of glass conditioner on the bottles. I purchased this at A.C. Moore. It was on sale for 99 cents. It doesn't take much so it last a long time. This helps the paint to adhere to the glass. I let this dry. If using the glass conditioner, read manufacture’s directions. 
glass conditioner for painting glass
Glass Conditioner
 After they were dry, I painted each one two coats using paint that I had left over from other projects - pink, lavender, and green. 

When completely dry, I did this part the next day, I used a piece of fine grit sand paper to etch the paint. Be careful not to rub too hard. I found that it was best to rub the sand paper lightly over the corners of the bottle where I wanted the paint removed. If you rub too hard, it will remove too much paint. The small bottle that had groves down the front, worked the best.

Next I needed some embellishment for them, so off to me jewelry collection. When I lived up north, I would fine bags of jewelry for $1.00 or less. I found three earrings that would look great. 
earring for painted bottles
Three Clip-on Earrings Used

I removed the backs of the clip-on. This is easy to do since they have a little clip that goes around the piece. Then I glued them to the bottles. 

clip-on earring backing, earrrings on painted bottles, earring embellishment
Pins on Clip-on Earrings

Here in Florida the walking irises are blooming and so is the yellow mussaenda. I thought they looked great together.  
shabby chic painted bottles, painted bottles with earrings
Finished Painted Bottles with Earrings

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