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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend Camping Trip

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend here in southern Florida. After many attempts to take our camper camping, it is finally going to happen. We bought our camper in December but every time we tried to go, something came up - hubby was out of town, other commitments, etc. 
Passport Camper

So we decide last month that it was time for our maiden voyage! I say "our" because our neighbor had taken the camper a couple of times. They worked out all of the bugs. lol! I was so proud of myself since I had stocked it for them and I only missed a couple of things. Not bad for someone who has never owned a camper. 

We have tent camped before, but never in a camper and never with three dogs. The cat is staying home for this one. How many can you get into a camper? Our friends are going as well so it should be fun. 

I only took some pictures of the outside since I kept throwing stuff inside everywhere. I will share more from the trip.
Passport Ultra Lite Camper

We like the fact that everything is hydraulic - awning, stabilizers, jack. Just press a button. No hand cranking - those of you who have a camper that you have to hand crank, know what I mean. 

I will update about our trip and the inside soon. Now, I need to get some food ready and finish packing, we leave first thing in the morning.

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