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Monday, June 7, 2021

You're The Star - Garden Feature Week

Welcome to You're The Star - Garden Feature Week

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WELCOME to the June 2021 "You're the Star" Blog Hop!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Happiness Is Homemade Party

Welcome to Happiness Is Homemade Party 

Happy Sunday.  Our Saturday started off with a bang and I do mean a big loud bang. I was sitting in the living room drinking my tea when I hear an explosion. I looked out the window to the front yard and saw that someone had hit our mail box and pieces of it were everywhere.  

Now our mailbox is solid brick with concrete block inside. The had actually pulled it out of the ground. I run out, still in my pjs and no shoes. I see this guy up the road has stopped, He was pulling a pontoon bout. My neighbor who lives 5 houses up heard it and came down. Hubby is somewhere walking so I don't know where he is. 

My neighbor goes after the people who now consists of another family, his Dad and uncle and tells them they need to fix my mailbox. I run in the house to get some clothes on and shoes and call hubby. By the time he gets back, the guys are there and we are cleaning the debris from the road that landed around 60 feet from the mailbox.

The speed limit is 25 and at the end of the street is a park and boat ramps. He damaged his boat so bad and it ripped the mirror off of his truck. I asked if he realized he hit something and he said no. He was 20 years old and no way was he going 25. No one does that on this road. 

We raked pieces of brick out of our yard and back around 40 feet.  They came back and removed all of the broken mailbox and debris and actually put a post in the ground and managed to straighten out the mailbox from within the brick and screwed it on. What a morning!

I hope your Saturday was much better. Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday Favorite Things Party

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things Party

Thursday Favorite Things. Share NOW. #linkyparty. #TFT #thursdaayfavoritethings #eclecticredbarn

Happy Thursday!  I hope your week is going well. I can't believe it is Thursday already. I think with Monday being a holiday, that it made the week go faster. 

I am heading down to Davie today to see my friend. I have not been there for 2 months. I need a girls night and she said she needs one too. I know we will be laughing all evening. 

We have finally opened up here at the stores and even the library, it is like normal. You only have to wear a mask if you have not had your shots. It is so wonderful to see people's faces, instead of just their eyes. 

What is happening in your neighborhood? Do you still have to wear a mask?

Many of my features come from you my commenters. Don't forget to leave your Linkup Number or Post Title so I can find you and you could become one of my featured commenters next week.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend (those in the U.S.) Ours was nice, a little quiet. Our daughter went to Vermont to spend some time with her brother and family. The in-laws came over for a cook out. 

Hubby and I did some yard work and worked on some projects. We are working on repairing an old window. Hope to show you soon.

Have a great week!

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop

A Special Clothes Pin Holder

A Special Clothes Pin Holder

I know that many of you don't hang out your clothes. In fact, of the four sisters, only myself and my youngest sister do. My other two sisters never have. My Mom always did and so did my grandmother. I guess we inherited it from them.

I think there is nothing better than crawling into bed  with sheets that have been hung outside to dry. Even hubby, ohhs and ahhs at the scent and feel of them.

So when I was in Pittsburgh last month, my sister said her clothes pin bag had fallen apart. I thought I would make her something special. 

Clothes Pin Bag. Share NOW. #clothespins #laundry #washday #hangingclothes #eclecticredbarn

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