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Friday, November 18, 2016

We love our pets - and then they are gone!

Anyone with pets knows what incredible joy they bring to our lives. Each one has his or her own personality that we love. I have 4 Dachshunds and one cat. Our oldest doxie, Marina is around 15. I say around because we recused her 6 years ago and not quite sure of her age. She had her birthday last Wednesday. She loved to wear her pearls.

Eclectic Red Barn: Marina on her pink blanket with her pearls

She has been amazing. As she has gotten old, her life has been focused on eating. Do you have a pet like that. She lives for food. She has had a number incidents were we thought she would not make it, but she bounces back. The way she runs around sometimes, you would never think she is 15. 

However, she had an episode yesterday evening where she was throwing up and diarrhea. This time was different.  By this morning, she was barely able to walk. We headed to our vet as soon as possible. While we were waiting for the doctor, she fell asleep in my arms. She had been so restless so it was nice to see her finally rest. 

He decided to keep her since she was hydrated and needed to run some tests. He called saying she was doing better and responding to the IV. About 30 minutes later, he called to say she had passed away. Her vet is the one who operated on her when they found her wondering the streets with a large cyst on her stomach. He had never removed a cyst that large before - he had saved her life.  Now today, he was there when she passed away. 

She will be so missed. I find it hard to stop the tears, but I am glad she was not in pain and went quickly.  So if you have a pet, take a moment to give them a hug.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Did you get my text?

I think that was what my cat - Claire was saying. My husband and I were in the kitchen cooking yesterday, when Claire jumped up on the counter. My husband keeps his phone, iPad, keys and other goodies on the corner.
Eclectic Red Barn: Claire texting on the iphone

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